Current Exhibitions


‘Darling girl, When all else fails,  Join the circus!’  Anon

  • Solo Show at The Black Douglas Coffee House, Deal, Kent.
  • Private View 20th October 2018 6-9pm. 
  • Exhibition runs 20th October to 2oth November 2018

The Circus was a recurring theme in 19th Century European art with artists such as Manet, Seurat, Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec all depicting circuses and performers. The growth in leisure time for the wealthy throughout the nineteenth century increased the popularity of the circus. For artists, the circus represented a time when real life was suspended and audiences gave themselves up to magic and illusion.  Artist Julia Hamilton in conjunction with The Black Douglas, exhibits a series of ink drawings inspired by her love of the circus.  The pure escapism, the sparkly dresses, feathers, the mesmerizing tightrope acts, smoke and mirrors and the clowns.  The circus has come to represent the frenzy and whirlwind of modern life itself.  Full of characters, charades, magic, and excitement it re-presents us with every aspect of ourselves. We can look up in awe and we can laugh at the clowns. All life is here.